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You will love Blureen as much as we do. It Will be the Last Big Thing!


It’s a Life Media!

Blureen is an Invention Not Similar to Other Platforms and not Only Addresses Real Concerns But Will Build New Success Path by Defining New Concepts and Standards.

Blureen is a structurally and conceptually new platform that integrates e-commerce along with re-defined social networking concepts. Social media recommendations influence almost a quarter of online shoppers, and 42% find recommendations from friends and family which is twice the number who cite advertisements as influential when determining where to shop.Blureen will be a bridge that connects social media to e-commerce by focusing on gift-purchasing and shopping for all types of fashion since the majority of people find it difficult to both when shopping online and when shopping in the store.


Blureen’s interface will be interactive which entices users with its unique features. It will deploy new strategies in its design to overcome the drawbacks of current platforms with regard to more than two billion online users experiences.

Integrated Endless Markets


Merging Social Media, Fashion, and Gift. The Company’s platform will provide important aspects of social networking and provides unique features for an easier gift and personal shopping experience.

Business Focused

Blureen’s business partners will have focused Advertising, a better understanding of market needs which enables them to lower their inventory carrying rate, identify their hot items in the market and reduce the number of returns and exchange.

Positive Impact

Unlike other social media networks, Blureen’s unique features will help users to resolve a concern about privacy, getting help in a situation like buying a gift, improve personalities with real connections, etc.

Managed Privacy

By utilizing the Friends Atmosphere feature and available options in the Stage Manager, users have the ability to categorize friends and have full control and a good understanding of their privacy.

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